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We are able to arrange shooting with the Buccleuch Estate who offer a wide range of sporting days. With the high hills, mixed woodland and some fantastic gullies, the estate offers some truly memorable shooting, for every type of sportsman. For further further detailed information click on the buccleuch estates website below.

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Pheasant and Partridge

Pheasant shooting on the Queensberry Estate is still a very traditional affair in the main with the emphasis on sustainable land management and providing sport of the highest quality. Set amidst the stunning Dumfries and Galloway countryside, with high hills, mixed woodlands and some fantastic gullies, the Estate offers some truly memorable shooting.

The 18 beats on offer at Drumlanrig are split between several long term syndicates and the in-hand beats, with a diversity of shooting being offered, ranging from the full double gun driven days with loaders to walked-up shooting over dogs or with hawks. A variety of drives are available and up to a week's sport can be arranged without covering the same ground.

The driven days are offered on a traditional basis. The sporting Manager or Head Keeper, along with his team of beat keepers, will ensure that all who shoot at Queensberry are well looked after and enjoy their days shooting. Shoot lunches can be arranged if required and can be tailored to suit particular needs. Shooting parties should have a minimum of 7 guns (10 max).

Rough Shooting including rabbits and duck flighting

Opportunities for rough shooting are available on the estate and if a walked-up day with Keepers is your preference, then several species are available including snipe, woodcock, pigeons, rabbits etc as well as pheasant and partridge.

Wild duck flighting can also be arranged on the many small lochs on the Estate along with a variety of wildfowl species.

Party numbers range from a minimum of 4 guns to a maximum of 10.

Golf - Fishing - Cycling - Walking - Shooting - Local Attractions